March 26, 2017

In a previous blog, I discussed my thought process of level design. We thought it would be fun to take an in-depth look at what goes into building a scene. This past week I have been documenting the process of creating a scene.  After viewing the 3d environment art our team had created, I was very excited to start working on the scene The Desert of Marzule.  I loved the aesthetics and knew this would be a fun scene to put together.

Each scene is broken up into several parts that we call sections.  By splitting the scene into sections, this allows us a lot more customization for each section, as we tend to focus on one small portion of the scene at a time.  Also, from a performance standpoint: this allows us to limit the amount of 3d assets rendered on screen at any given time.  There is never more than 3 sections visible while playing the game.  This greatly helps to improve performance on some machines.  When building a scene I can deactivate and activate sections to work on whate...

February 22, 2017

My name is Marcy and I'm an assistant level designer here at Stingbot Games.  I want to share with you my thought process on the level design work I do. I try to manipulate the props and the level itself to make them both pleasing and interesting to the player. I start out with what we call a blue print of the level and I connect 3D Tile Meshes together one section at a time.  The levels are designed in sections that "connect" to each other like a giant lego structure.  This way we can optimize with culling techniques and limit the amount of objects being rendered on screen at any given time, offering greater performance on lower-end machines.  

When I go in to start placing props I often deviate from the basic blueprint as I see things I can change to make the landscape more aesthetically pleasing, or I mold the landscape to fit different props I have. So far, my favorite scene I have worked on is the Swamp of Green Mist. In one section of the scene,...

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