May 21, 2017

Today I’m going to discuss exploring the World Map of the game. In a previous Blog I mentioned how much fun it was to explore the castle of Super Mario 64 when I was a kid.  From extra stars to collect and challenges to complete, the World Map was a blast to explore.

I wanted to change up the feel of The Forbidden Arts a little bit when you are on the world map.  The actual levels are played in 2d side scrolling mode within a 3d world, but on the world map the movement is full 3d as shown in the GIF below.

I revised the system to feel a bit more open and offer a greater sense of freedom.  My goal is to capture that Super Mario 64 feel of exploration while on the World Map.  There are 3d platforming areas, unique challenges, and more collectibles.  The world map is not just a way to get from level to level.  In The Forbidden Arts, the world map is an adventure all its own. 

I like splitting the control style between 2d and 3d.  Although the main emphasis is 2d and I abs...

May 13, 2017

The past 2 weeks have been quite a ride.  The beginning of May marks allergy season.  There’s nothing like waking up at 4am with my eyes crusted together and having to literally pry them apart.  What’s even better is when I was driving to dinner and I ran out of tissues and napkins so I had a dedicated sweatshirt to soak up all my snot as I sneezed up a storm.  Fun times!  But in the midst of all this allergen madness I have been working hard on creating the first video trailer for The Forbidden Arts. 

The idea for the trailer has been simple: to capture the essence of the game within a couple minutes.  I worked with my Cousin Spencer on this video as he’s a talented videographer and director.  All it took was buying him a Nintendo Switch and a little cash.  Good deal, thanks bud.  He helped me map out the storyboard for the trailer and directed it for the most part.  I had a clear vision of what I wanted: to capture the environments, characters, themes and demo...

May 7, 2017

Collectibles are great!  From hoarding in-game currency, to obtaining precious weapons, armor, treasure or artifacts, collectibles can offer players a sense of accomplishment, pride, and achievement.  The Forbidden Arts does not shy away from offering players a chance to collect an assortment of items. 

There are various types of collectibles in the Forbidden Arts.  Some are mere quest items, and others are important artifacts that can be used to unlock unique content, special environments or offer items to increase your power. 

A couple things players will notice is lots of gold scattered throughout the game and the Overworld contains several mysterious towers.  The catch is that these towers are deconstructed, but if you collect enough gold you can rebuild the towers.  Once a tower is rebuilt you can enter it to face a unique challenge that will yield you a great reward.  No spoilers here, but we are very excited about this.  I spent most of the past week working on the...

May 1, 2017

This past week has been quite a ride and it’s been hard to keep up with things.  Being a small studio is quite challenging when developing an ambitious game.  You often find yourself wearing multiple hats to get the job done.  This past week I have been working on developing a narrative with my cousin for a video trailer for The Forbidden Arts, writing and recording the music for the trailer, writing code for the game, managing my artists across sea and providing them with feedback on a daily basis, approving level design and guiding Marcy, and continuing to support our social media sites for the game.  I’ll be moving soon, so I also had to go out and buy loads of new furniture and amid all of this I did manage to find a few moments to myself where I could venture out into Hyrule on my switch and enjoy the Breath of the Wild.  The best advice I can give to anyone wanting to get started in the game industry is to just take everything one step at a time.  You will often find yourself wea...

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