September 17, 2018

Thank you for your interest in voice acting for The Forbidden Arts. For these auditions, please do not add any effects to your voice. All auditions must be raw. Due to the number of auditions we receive we will not be able to respond to you unless we are interested in having you voice a particular role. If we are interested we will ask you how much compensation you are seeking for the role. Compensation is negotiable and will be paid via Paypal or similar service. Please send all auditions to Please submit your auditions, with which role(s) you are auditioning for by Friday, September 21. Unfortunately we will not be able to listen to or accept auditions past that date.

1. Female voice needed for the Fire Spirit. The fire spirit speaks to the main character of the game in a slightly angelic and ethereal tone. There are 4 lines that she needs to say:

  1. “Phoenix…”

  2. “It’s Time”

  3. “Rise…”

  4. “Rise from the fire within”

You can download the reference mp3 h...

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