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My name is Sterling Selover and I'm the President/CEO of Stingbot Games. Stingbot consists of 2 full-time employees: myself and Marcy Williams, a very talented level designer. I oversee production on The Forbidden Arts and I'm the lead programmer of the game. We have nearly a dozen other individuals/companies that are working on or have worked on The Forbidden Arts, and even though they are contractors, they are very important to the development of the game. We are proud and honored to work with such talented and hard-working people.

I got into this business because I love video games, and The Forbidden Arts is a passion project of mine. I want to make art that paints a smile on someone's face. I want players to feel a strong sense of accomplishment while playing our games. Gaming has changed my life for the better and I hope I can change yours and give you an incredible experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Life is short, so let's have some fun!

Marcy or I will write weekly Blog posts, and although the topics will continually change, we will try to stay focused on various aspects of development. We want you to get to know us, from what inspires us to what makes us tick. We will always be honest and we encourage you to write to us. We look forward to sharing more with you soon!

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