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About Stingbot

Our Mission


To create premium quality games with value and substance.  We develop games that we love to play, and in turn we hope others will enjoy them as well.

Who we are


Stingbot Games is an independent game development company based in California, United States.  We are avid gamers with an insatiable thirst for creating fantastic gaming experiences.  We find inspiration in retro classics to modern masterpieces alike.

We are a self-funded indie game company, so we call all the shots.  Our games are based on our passions, not gimmicks or trends.  We strive to offer pure, authentic gaming experiences packed full of original content, unique stories and addictive gameplay mechanics.

We are a small team, but we  work with a very diverse group of talented artists, designers and programmers from many different ethnicities and backgrounds. From freelancers to established outsourcing studios, we employ talent throughout the globe to work on our games.

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