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Keeper’s Toll is an action-packed roguelite brimming with challenge and despair. Survive against an onslaught of relentless hordes and grueling bosses with skill-based ARPG gameplay.









Unlock and Play as one of 6 unique risen heroes. Each hero has their own specialized game-defining mechanics, as well as completely unique abilities and meta progression.

  • Shadow Monk - Born from darkness and forged by tragedy, the shadow monk walks the path of vengeance, embracing the shadows as his deadliest ally. This hero utilizes his fast reflexes to pummel his enemies with quick strikes. Weaving in and out of combat he can unleash disabling combos.

  • Pyromancer - A nomad who was imprisoned until his demise. This hero uses the ancient elemental art of Pyromancy. His wide chaotic attacks sweep the lands and incinerate his enemies.

  • Blood Maiden - An armor-clad maiden who was sacrificed by a religious sect. This hero uses her sanguine glaive to release a flurry of sweeping strikes. Trailing the blade is an endless downpour of corrupted blood.

  • Necromancer - A duke who succumbed to the dark arts. This hero reanimates the husks of the dead to do his bidding. He channels an array of spirit attacks and thrashes his enemies at close range with his flail.

  • Ranger - A warden who lost her life defending the wildwood. This hero uses her innate agility to weave in and out of battle. In the shadows she sets deadly traps and as her enemies close in she unleashes a torrent of arrows.

  • Bogatyr - A renown knight who fell in battle. This hero, stalwart and hardy, focuses on heavy defenses and uses the power of the gods to imbue earth into his short range attacks.

Keeper’s Toll places a heavy focus on skill-based gameplay with ARPG elements. Each run allows you to study your enemies and hone your skills while progressing through the main quest. Once you have mastered the basics, Keeper’s Toll introduces unique enemy archetypes, intricate bosses, and fresh mechanics that will challenge any worthy hero.

Unlock and explore 4 different areas. Each land has its own unique bosses, enemy archetypes and environmental hazards.

  • Linden Forest - A once green pasture now lies in ruins. The guardians of this forest haunt it from the very graves they built.

  • Usvit Castle - The shining light from the days of old. A demonic presence often heard but never seen, ushers waves of fear throughout the castle walls.

  • Usvit Depths - The old servants' quarters. Now a slime ridden passage where not even the bravest adventurers set foot.

  • Ashendusk Mountains - Rivers of lava run through these scorched lands. Denizens of fire invoke fear and incinerate ill-prepared adventurers.

Keeper's Toll is available now on Steam Early Access. The game is being developed for PC and Console platforms. Please check back here or follow us on Social Media for more news and future updates.

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**Screenshots and video may not accurately reflect the final quality and look of the game.

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