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The Story of The Forbidden Arts

It was Spring of 2015. I just finished up a project I was working on and thought to myself: maybe it’s time I create a game that I’m truly passionate about. I wanted to create a game where you play as a Pyromancer and I knew I wanted a great story, but I simply didn’t know where to begin. I began searching the internet for information about Pyromancy and discovered it was a form of Renaissance magic. The more I read about Renaissance magic I became intrigued with the concept. I decided that I wanted to create a story based on the inclusion of all different types of renaissance magic, however some of these forms of magic have been modified to fit the game better. For instance, scapulimancy had been changed to enchantment to suit the fantasy theme of the game, as divination by use of shoulder blades didn’t really fit the bill for what I was envisioning. The concept of The Forbidden Arts is merely inspired by true renaissance magic.

Armed with the idea of renaissance magic, I went on to create factions for each type of magic. You can think of a magical faction like a religion. There are followers of Pyromancy just as there are followers of Hydromancy, and so on.

Now I’m not going to spoil the story of the game, but I will say that there has been an extreme amount of attention devoted to the creation of this story. It’s been a huge passion of mine. Even though I may not be a writer by trade, I think the most important part of creating a good story is passion. I just let my imagination go wild.

I created a video showcasing the background story of the world in which the game takes place. Please have a look below. I hope you enjoy. Until next week!

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