Designing the Perfect Scene

My name is Marcy and I'm an assistant level designer here at Stingbot Games. I want to share with you my thought process on the level design work I do. I try to manipulate the props and the level itself to make them both pleasing and interesting to the player. I start out with what we call a blue print of the level and I connect 3D Tile Meshes together one section at a time. The levels are designed in sections that "connect" to each other like a giant lego structure. This way we can optimize with culling techniques and limit the amount of objects being rendered on screen at any given time, offering greater performance on lower-end machines. When I go in to start placing props I often devi

GDC 2017!

We will be attending GDC (Game Developer's Conference) next month in San Francisco. Please email us to get in touch and come say hi. We would love to hear from you/meet you. We've never been to GDC before so this should be a fun and interesting experience. We look forward to all of the panels, sessions, events and parties. In 2018 we plan to attend GDC again to showcase the near-final version of The Forbidden Arts at GDC Play so we thought this would be a great start to seeing what it's all about as we've heard lots of great things. We will have some video of The Forbidden Arts with us, as well as some basic press packages, so please reach out to meet up with us. In preparation for GDC we

The Story of The Forbidden Arts

It was Spring of 2015. I just finished up a project I was working on and thought to myself: maybe it’s time I create a game that I’m truly passionate about. I wanted to create a game where you play as a Pyromancer and I knew I wanted a great story, but I simply didn’t know where to begin. I began searching the internet for information about Pyromancy and discovered it was a form of Renaissance magic. The more I read about Renaissance magic I became intrigued with the concept. I decided that I wanted to create a story based on the inclusion of all different types of renaissance magic, however some of these forms of magic have been modified to fit the game better. For instance, scapulima


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