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GDC 2017!

We will be attending GDC (Game Developer's Conference) next month in San Francisco. Please email us to get in touch and come say hi. We would love to hear from you/meet you.

We've never been to GDC before so this should be a fun and interesting experience. We look forward to all of the panels, sessions, events and parties. In 2018 we plan to attend GDC again to showcase the near-final version of The Forbidden Arts at GDC Play so we thought this would be a great start to seeing what it's all about as we've heard lots of great things.

We will have some video of The Forbidden Arts with us, as well as some basic press packages, so please reach out to meet up with us.

In preparation for GDC we are working on a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account, so expect these soon! Looking forward to GDC 2017!

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