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Voice Actor Audition - Joppay (Filled)

EDIT: We have filled this role. Congratulations to Jonathan Cooke! We look forward to sharing his voice in the game.

We need a voice actor to assume the role of Joppay, a desert drunk. Joppay used to be a treasure hunter in his youth, but as of late he spends his days drinking and spreading rumors throughout the desert. He’s a light hearted fellow whose happiness rests in a half empty bottle of Whiskey. He’s not angry, rude etc. Just a drunk.

This role will require you to sound drunk. What we are looking for is someone who can do a great old man voice and add some drunken flair to it. See below video references for examples of some drunk old men: - 00:30 00:30 01:20 01:24

If you are interested in auditioning for this role we would like you to voice the following lines and send them to us via email at, along with your name attached to each recording. You can send us as many takes/variations as you like. Please record the following voiceover as samples for us to listen to:

1. “Name’s Joppay. Ah waddaya know? All out of Whiskey.”

2. Drunken Laugh

3. Drunken Mumbling sounds

This is a paid gig and payment is negotiable. We will discuss payment should you be selected to voice Joppay.

We look forward to listening to your audition.

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