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Magic Factions: Part 1

The Forbidden Arts is known as the following types of magic: Pyromancy, Hydromancy, Geomancy, Aeromancy, Enchantment, Chiromancy, and Necromancy. Each form of magic has a leader of great power and many followers that form factions. Magic is looked at like religion, and each faction swears by their form of magic. There are few beings capable of wielding the powers of The Forbidden Arts. Most followers of these faction are without powers. They simply follow their chosen leader as leaders are viewed like gods.

Pyromancy is the divination of fire and at the point in time where the game starts there is currently no leader of this faction. The Elder Pyromancer died in recent years and no Pyromancer has stepped up to assume the role of leadership. There are few in the world that possess what is known as “The Flame.” The flame is a magic that exists within the blood of the chosen and allows them to channel fire from within.

Hydromancy is the divination of water and the Swamp of Green Mist is the home to the faction that follows this form of magic. Within the swamp are various creatures of the faction which include the Frogmen, the Spores, and the Minotaurs. The leader of the faction is the Frogman High Shaman. He is many centuries old, but even more wise and powerful now as he was hundreds of years ago. The frogmen are an ancient race that live for centuries as they are practically immune to death by natural causes. They claimed the Swamp as their home due to the endless flow of water and isolation from the rest of the world.

Geomancy is the Channeling of Earth and the Gnolls of this faction reside in the Black Fang Caves. The caves are an endless labyrinth of underground tunnels of what used to be the ancient dwarven mining grounds, but now are all but abandoned by this once powerful race. Deep beneath the surface resides the great Geomancer, the largest of the Gnolls. His strength is unmatched and he can control the earth to bend at his will, and quake upon his command. He is a force not to be reckoned with.

Stay posted as next week I will give some background information on the other 4 factions. Now it's time for me to get some rest for a big day at GDC tomorrow. Until next week!

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