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Magic Factions: Part 2

This week’s blog is a continuation of last week, which gives a bit of background information on each of the magical factions that exist in the game. This week I'll be discussing the following 4 factions: Aeromancy, Enchantment, Chiromancy, and Necromancy.

Aeromancy is the divination of air, and the Aeromancer is none other than a master of flight himself, the great Ice Dragon. He maintains a fortress on top of the highest peak in the Mountains of Orin, a frozen wasteland, home to many creatures including goblins, golems and dragons. The goblins and golems are simply pawns to the great Dragon. The goblins are dumb creatures who worship anything that showers them in riches, and the Aeromancer does just that. But the real strength in the faction of Aeromancy is Dragon kind. Though not the only beasts of flight, the ice dwellers are among the strongest of all dragon kind, and are capable of flying at speeds much greater than any other creatures that walk the lands. The Aeromancer can manipulate winds to suffocate or trap his foes, and his winds can reach temperatures so cold they can literally freeze his enemies in place.

Enchantment is the state of being under a spell. Faedora, the great Bixie Enchantress, can dazzle minds and rend her enemies defenseless in the blink of an eye. Unlike the other faction leaders, her wand is the source of her power. Without her wand, she loses all power. Faedora and her followers call home to the plains surrounding Black Fang Pass. The bixies are a simple race, and their faction seeks pleasure from helping others.

Chiromancy is the channeling of spirit. Ruktan, a human monk of the Temple of Marzule, had reached enlightenment at a young age. By the time he reached his early 30s, Ruktan had mastered every form of martial arts and was undefeated in competition. During a session of meditation he reached a new level of enlightenment and could see and feel the spirits of others and control them just as he could control his own. As a monk he lives a life of solitude, but has a focus to maintain peace in all of the lands, and was the first to speak out against Voltaire and the faction of Necromancy.

Necromancy is the conjuration of the dead. Voltaire, the great Necromancer, was banished from the lands long ago by the Council of Magic, and retreated to the underworld, also known as the Plane of Death. The plane is home to recreations of lost souls including evil phantasms and imps spawned from hellfire. The followers of Necromancy are of the dead themselves. In turn for a follower’s soul, Voltaire promises immortality through subordination. A portal to the plane does exist, but no mortal can enter and survive. If a mortal enters the plane, they will immediately die, and their soul would spawn in an evil form. They would exist only as a shadow of their former self, eternally sentenced to imprisonment as a soldier in Voltaire’s army.

Stay posted for next week’s blog. We’ve got some really cool things coming!

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