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Collectibles and Beyond

Collectibles are great! From hoarding in-game currency, to obtaining precious weapons, armor, treasure or artifacts, collectibles can offer players a sense of accomplishment, pride, and achievement. The Forbidden Arts does not shy away from offering players a chance to collect an assortment of items.

There are various types of collectibles in the Forbidden Arts. Some are mere quest items, and others are important artifacts that can be used to unlock unique content, special environments or offer items to increase your power.

A couple things players will notice is lots of gold scattered throughout the game and the Overworld contains several mysterious towers. The catch is that these towers are deconstructed, but if you collect enough gold you can rebuild the towers. Once a tower is rebuilt you can enter it to face a unique challenge that will yield you a great reward. No spoilers here, but we are very excited about this. I spent most of the past week working on the video trailer for the game, but as my Cousin Spencer is now taking over with the editing portion, I’ve had more time to work on building these challenge levels and I’ve had a blast doing it. I highly encourage all of you to find these chunks of gold when you play the game to see what surprises are unlocked.

Spirit Tower Concept Version 2

I certainly don’t make all the gold easy to find or collect. Collecting the gold can be a challenge itself as it takes some solid platforming skills to reach some of the locations. Consider gold your reward for kicking ass. We don’t spoon feed you in The Forbidden Arts, but we can assure you we are trying our best to make the game loads of fun, so don’t expect anything too gut wrenching.

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