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Seeking Musician for Secret Project

We are seeking an aspiring indie game musician for a secret project we are working on. We are looking to have a minimum of 5 tracks produced, with each track ranging from 3 to 5 minutes in length.

We are not seeking professionals with a strong track record as our budget is limited with this title. However, we would most certainly listen to your work if you can work within our budget (see below). We want to work with someone who wants to get their foot in the door to work on a commercially released game, and we know there is a vast amount of talent out there seeking to be a part of something fun and cool. We will be releasing this game on Steam and Nintendo Switch, and we will be porting to other platforms after our initial release.

Our budget for music on this game is $1,000 USD (no exceptions or negotiations). If this sounds like something you are interested in, then please read on.

The game has a dark fantasy theme, but we want the music to have a pulsing energy, as if dance music was mixed with the ominous sounds and instruments you hear in dark fantasy games such as Dark Souls and Elden Ring. Ultimately we want something weird and different. If you could combine Dark Souls and Vampire Survivors' music into one genre, that could be what we are after.

Vampire Survivors:

Dark Souls:

If you are interested, we are requesting you create a 10-30 second sample clip based on what we’ve written above. You can also feel free to share other music you have created, but keep in mind we are looking for something specific, so your sample clip is going to be crucial to capturing our attention. Creativity is going to be crucial here. We don’t want to try and direct your work. We just want to see what you produce.

For more information or to submit your sample clips please reach out to us at

Due to the potential volume of emails we may receive, we may not respond if you attempt to contact us in any other way than email.

We look forward to hearing from you!

- Stingbot Games


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