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Music in The Forbidden Arts

Music can really strengthen a game and make you fall in love with it. Mario 64 would have been a very different experience for me if it wasn't for the beautiful melody that is Dire Dire Docks. I remember swimming around collecting red coins just to listen to the music on repeat. Or how about the original Mario on NES? Remember the first time you entered level 1.2? Such a simple theme and so classic. Makes me happy just thinking about it. Music can play with our emotions and make us feel things we didn't know we could feel. It does truly have a profound effect on us.

Game development is actually something a bit newer to me in my life. I actually have the most experience in writing, recording and playing music. I started playing piano at the age of 7 and guitar at 15, which then led to singing, playing bass and drums as well. I played in a band for 8 years in my late teens to mid 20s, toured some of the world and I've released 3 albums and several E.P.s. I have and will always love music.

I'm writing all of the music for The Forbidden Arts myself. I'm using one instrument only: an acoustic guitar. Why? I wanted to do something very simple and pure and give the game the fantasy vibe I envisioned from the beginning, and I felt there is just something very pure and authentic about a beautiful sounding acoustic guitar. I'm having a lot of fun writing music for The Forbidden Arts and it's a thrill working to deliver the right feel and emotion for each scene. Below are a couple of tracks of music from the game. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy.

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