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The Green Vale

Green Vale Concept Art

The Green Vale is a beautiful forest filled with magical beasts. Early in development I envisioned this area to be the kingdom of Pyromancy, complete with a large castle and villages. As the story evolved, the forest did too. I started to populate it with standard creatures such as bears and wolves, and eventually introduced a stronger fantasy element by adding creatures such as Griffins, Druids, and Dark Elfs. The Dark Elf race made an important footprint in the scene and magic has become a very important part of the environment. The Forbidden Arts is not your typical action platformer in that there is a strong focus on story and character development. With a good story comes quests, and the player will engage with many NPCs in the first few environments, offering social interaction and some very important character development early in the game. There will be many beasts to tend to in the forest, but the Forbidden Arts isn’t just about fighting, running and jumping from level to level. The Green Vale offers a strong introduction to the game’s story, and gives a great preview of some of the abilities the player will gain throughout the game.

Griffin Concept Art

Griffin 3d Model

There are reasons to return to all the different environments in the game, whether it be to learn new abilities, access new areas, collect new items, complete a quest or speak to someone about something important. Traveling between worlds is easy and we’ll go into more detail on how that works next week. We want exploring areas to be fun, and not feel like a chore. Whether you like fighting, questing, collecting items or exploring, each area of the game is packed full of exciting things to do.

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